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Rich experience in application development
Based on the product development process for many leading customers in the downstream industry, the company has accumulated rich experience in application development; According to the different application conditions proposed by the customer, a dedicated test bench can be designed, and a large amount of test data has been collected to propose different solutions for the customer in various usage environments.
The product has a high degree of automation
The company has independently designed and developed a production and processing assembly line, and introduced molding equipment imported from Germany. On the basis of the original product, the advancement of automation has improved the processing accuracy of the product and increased the applicability of the product.
Rich product line
There are many types of products, covering a wide range of application fields. At present, the company's products have covered most of the self-lubricating bearing products, and downstream application industries include automobiles, engineering machinery, hydraulic, household appliances, new energy, etc., which can meet customers' one-stop procurement needs.
Extension of antifriction technology and polymer applications.
Anti friction technology: Based on tribology theory and application research and development experience, in addition to self-lubricating bearings, the company has developed non bearing components such as anti friction coating technology, anti friction structural components, and polymer products, expanding its application fields.

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Ningbo Shengcheng Import and Export Co., Ltd main sales products include various types of bearings, belts, couplings, pulley bushing , pulleys, and bearing components. Based on different customer needs in different markets, our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with hundreds of domestic bearing generation enterprises. In terms of suppliers' management, our company has established a comprehensive supplier database system. Through on-site visits by professional technicians, suppliers are divided according to the target Market segmentation. According to the needs of different markets, different products are targeted to achieve the best cooperation between customer needs and corresponding suppliers,and mutual benefit and win-win! The company's annual export volume gradually increases every year, with 85% of its sales reaching the European and American markets, and our main customers base being OEM customers.
Ningbo Shengcheng Import and Export Co., Ltd main sales products include various types of bearings,

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